Our Mission and Belief:

We strongly believe in the United States immigration principles that created the best country in the world.

By forming USAGCO we have opened a door to the world and created a bridge to help people from all over the world to move over to the US.

Over the past 8 years of dedicated and professional work we have the experience and the ability to help so many of you and we proudly say that every year we help more and more people from around the world to come live and work in the US.

Our job:

Many of those who applied themselves to the lottery program were automatically disqualified just because they did not follow the U.S. government requirements and guidelines.

Our Job is to make sure you apply correctly and follow all Immigration rules and regulations. Winning the Green Card lottery should not be missed due to WRONG Filings / any other mistakes with the application!

We at USAGCO will make sure that Your application is filled correctly and we will help you maximize your chances of winning by giving you the right advice and legal consultation.

We offer you a variety of products to make your life easier through the immigration process and we bring all those products and services directly to you… LET US DO THE WORK FOR YOU!



8 years of expertise in the field of submitting applications for the green card lottery and consulting immigrants and walking them through the different immigration process helps us to take care of you perfectly. Here is what you get from us:

  • ERROR FREE applications! No error will be found in our application.
  • 24/7 E-mail support.
  • Customer Support Phone, USA time, Eastern Time.
  • Photos Department that are in accordance with U.S. governmental guidelines.
  • Private account in our system where you can find all your personal data, green card information, messages and news from the Immigration department and more.

Making Service Summary:

  • We make Sure you come ready and prepared for your immigration interview by providing you with personal help through the process, supplying you with additional products and services to make it easier for you.
  • We provide with care – dedicated support for you 24/7 regarding your immigration case ,status ,and technical support for our Products.
  • Know your WINNING STATUS! Clients selected by the program are personally notified by phone, Text, Facebook, email and mail.

Fast Track:

When you WIN , time is of the essence and you have to follow the US immigration process fast and accurately in order to immigrate.

Delays in the process of a Winning application may RESULT IN TERMINATION and you will not get your Green Card!

Fast track – with us at USAGCO you are on the fast track!!! We make sure everything happens quickly and efficiently for you. We are available and talk daily to the Immigration department.We can keep everything on track so you can get the Green Card quickly and easily.

Important Green Card DV Tips:

  • You’re only allowed to make one application per year.
  • Over 40% of applications that are self-handled are rejected due to inaccurate information. Let USALWS experts do the dirty work for you. and make sure they maximize your chance to WIN.
  • The US State Department selects more winners than there are visas available.
  • Visas are awarded to winners on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis.